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This is the legalese that protects you and Big Apple Web Solutions.

Please read the following information before engaging Big Apple Web Solutions. Hopefully this makes it clear for you but if unsure, please ask.

When you enter into a contract with us, you agree to be bound by and consent to these terms and conditions. If there are problems with our service that arise, please contact us immediately in writing, include all relevant information and explain the issue. We’ll try to settle your complaint in a satisfactory manner.

Marketing Policy

Although we won’t divulge details about clients to other clients, potential or existing, we ask that you allow us to mention you in our Cases webpage. This will include a link to your page that we got onto Google’s first page and the phrase that it’s found with.

Important Definitions

The Client : You, the individual, organization or business that is contracting with Big Apple Web Solutions.

Big Apple Web Solutions : We, the collective employees, affiliates, or other agents of Big Apple Web Solutions.

Your Site : The website whose page(s) you wish Big Apple Web Solutions to perform SEO on.

Page One : The intended search result for a page of Your Site for an Agreed Phrase.

Agreed Phrase : This is the phrase agreed by The Client and Big Apple Web Solutions that a specified web pages shall be optimized for.

SEO Fee : A fully payment will be paid in advance of according to SEO packages per month for three months.

Maintenance & Monitoring Fee: A payment of $50 per month after the initial three months. This is halved for additional pages after the first.

Things We Require from You During the Service Period.

Big Apple Web Solutions requires that while we are engaged by you that:

  • No other SEO company is working on your site while we are.
  • You or anyone else won’t use any “black hat” techniques, including but not limited to exchanging links with link farms, use spamming or SEO techniques, or otherwise do any online activities that may cause Your Site’s Google search engine ranking to drop.
  • Your Site is not hosted with a free hosting service but on paid hosting such as for instance a shared server, VPS or dedicated server.
  • You allow Big Apple Web Solutions the necessary access to edit web pages of Your Site as we require.
  • You give Big Apple Web Solutions the authority to submit Your Site webpages to wherever we feel necessary.

Contract: Overview

Big Apple Web Solutions requires that an order be placed for our services via email and we’ll confirm receipt of the order by email, then send an invoice for the Engagement Fee.

This order is considered to be a contract between the client and Big Apple Web Solutions. The terms and conditions set forth below are considered binding, and may not be altered in any way by employees or agents of Big Apple Web Solutions

The contract is considered to be in force for a period of six(6) months, and after which time the client may switch to a Maintenance Contract by notifying Big Apple Web Solutions of their wish to do so.

If Big Apple Web Solutions having started the contract determines that it will no longer be able to place one or more of The Client’s specified Web Page on Page One results then all previously paid SEO Fees for that page(s) shall be refunded to the Client.

Failure to pay a SEO Fee. Unless Big Apple Web Solutions has agreed to terminate the Contract The Client is liable for the SEO Fee for every page contracted and Big Apple Web Solutions will require unpaid fees up to the current date. The contract will then terminate.

Contract : Financial Obligation

The client is responsible for paying the fee of SEO Package according to the plan, via paypal within receiving the invoice. Big Apple Web Solutions​ will not start work until this has been received.