Big Apple Web Solutions offers you the best Content Writing Packages at the most affordable prices. Content Writing Packages.

Content Writing Packages

  • ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
  • Price /Content
  • Word Count/Content
  • No of Articles
  • SEO Optimize
  • No of Keywords
  • Client Communication 24*7
  • Time Duration
✯ SILVER ✯ ₹500/-
  • 500 INR
  • 500 Words
  • 5
  • Yes
  • Up to 3 Per Content
  • 2 Days
✯ GOLD ✯ ₹400/-
  • 500 INR
  • 600 Words
  • 10
  • Yes
  • Up to 3 Per Content
  • 4 Days
✯ PLATINUM ✯ ₹300/-
  • 500 INR
  • 600 Words
  • 20
  • Yes
  • Up to 3 Per Content
  • 5 Days

Supercharge Your Content :

Royalty Free Images

Let our writers search and insert relevant, royalty free images in to your content. Thanks to our partnership with major stock photo sites we can provide the images much cheaper than it would cost for you to buy them yourself.

WordPress Posting & Scheduling

Automatically post our content to your WP blogs as soon as we write them. Manage multiple blogs, and easily schedule when you want each article to be posted ahead of time.

Plus these amazing service add-ons...

Meta Descriptions

Well write an SEO optimized Meta Description
for your content.

Source Referencing

Well reference at least 3 sources used when researching the article with outbound links included.

24 Hour Delivery

Have an urgent project?
We can deliver it in under 24 hours for orders under 5,000 words.

Features :

Professional Writers

All our writers are professional, Native-English, Writers. We never outsource to  subcontractors.


If the writer deviated from your instructions you have 3 days after delivery to review your order and request a revision.

Fast Turnaround

Thanks to our extensive team of full-time, in-house
writers we’re able to complete your orders faster
than any other agency.


Pricing is dependent on the type of content you’re ordering, the quality level you requested and what additional services you’ve added. You can view pricing of our various services & quality combinations without signing up by visiting

There is a minimum order amount of 5 articles, you can deposit amount of $50. This is the smallest payment (deposit) that you can make, although these funds can be spent on multiple, smaller orders.

Royalty-Free images are provided an an additional cost under the Additional Services Section of checkout.

You can access and download all your invoices on your transaction history page.

Every service has 3 quality levels that you can choose from. All 3 options are written by native English speakers with the differences explained below.

Our standard quality content. May contain some small spelling errors or grammatical mistakes, although written by Native-English writers.

For ‘Great’ quality articles our writers have significantly more available writing time than for our ‘good’
quality option. This allows more time for research, writing and editing. Only highly reviewed, hand picked writers from our team have access to “Great” quality assignments.

We have a separate team of professionals for this option. They are our best writers, capable of writing both informative and engaging content in a variety of voices and styles. These articles also receive significantly more research and writing time than our other quality options.

Delivery times can vary depending on current order volumes, writer availability and the appeal of your assignment (price, difficulty, and order type)
If you have a time sensitive order we suggest ordering 24 Hour Delivery (extra cost) as we do not guarantee the estimated delivery date provided.
For an estimated turnaround time please contact us in this thread with your order # or PM us with your order information. Estimates are not guaranteed and your actual delivery
time may vary.

Due to the customized nature and made to order processes rendered by – all sales are considered final. Content writing is customized to meet the needs of the client and made specifically to your specifications and as a result, your orders can’t be modified, cancelled or refunded. By submitting your order through you are indicating that you understand that your custom content order is not refundable.

Within 3 days from your order being delivered you can request a revision through your my orders page.
After the 3 day period the order is considered completed and no further action can be taken. In the event that we deviated from your instructions, changes will be made at no additional cost. Changes that deviate from the original instructions will not qualify for a revision and those requests will be rejected.

Revisions are always done by the same writer who wrote your original content. We cannot have a different writer revise articles written by the original writer. You have 3 days after an order is delivered to request a revision. After the 3 day period the order is considered completed and no further action can be taken.

Once an order is submitted it is quickly processed so cancelling the order is not possible as a writer may have already started writing your article. If your order has not been picked up by a writer we can try to cancel or refund your order at request. Before you place an order keep in mind that is cannot be cancelled.

Our articles are scanned for plagiarism via Other plagiarism checkers will not be accepted as proof of plagiarism due to their unreliable nature. We allow a margin of duplicate content if it falls under the following: quotes, direct, attributed questions, common phrases, product/brand names and keywords amounting to no more than 6% of content. We are not legally responsible for higher percentage of copyscape failure, due to technical limitations in our back-end system when running copyscape checks. Despite our extensive quality control these security safeguards could be bypassed.

Due to the complicated nature of proving the publication date of online content, we do not accept notices of alleged plagiarism after 3 days have passed since the delivery of your order.